Youth Leader Programme

Youth Leader Programme

Campers aged 15 and over will have the opportunity of joining the optional Junior Counsellor in Training (JCT) Programme.

The programme is overseen by senior staff members and will take place in the early afternoon so that participants are able to join in all the morning and afternoon activites and excursions.

The programme focuses on developing communication and leadership skills, time management, goal setting, presentation skills and team work. The programme also prepares participants to become camp monitors by learning programme planning, leadership styles and techniques.

Group interaction and event planning are important components of the Leadership Scheme. Participants will learn how to promote and plan camp events both during the day and evening with the aim of equipping our campers with the transferable skills to organise similar events in their community, schools and colleges at home. These skills will be very important to campers in later life.

Youth Leader Programme

Organisation - Participants will be in charge of planning and organising an important event at camp.

Planning - Skills are not only taught but put into practical application.

Communication - The event will require participants to learn to work with the many levels of the camp. This will require effective communication skills.

Promotion - Participants will learn the importance of making their events attractive to other campers and learn how to promote the camp programme to others.

Solving Problems - Participants are put under pressure to manage the event. Throughout this process they will be faced with many problems, and they will put their skills to work in finding solutions while being monitored by our senior staff.

Participants will also learn many valuable skills such as:

Leadership - Discover what their leadership style truly is. This will help students understand who they are and how they react to the world around them.

Goal Setting - We will take time during each session to help students discover what their goals are and how they should go about reaching them. Short term and long term goal setting tactics are taught.

Respect - Learning the value of respecting those around you.

Certificates: Certificates will be awarded to those participants who successfully complete the course.