Language School

Language School

JCamps Spain, offers our students the opportunity to study English or Spanish for 15 hours each week. Students are taught their chosen language by qualified and experienced professional language instructors within the camp resort complex.

Our carefully designed curriculum emphasises conversation and communication. We never forget that you are on holiday, so our aim is to provide you with excellent tuition in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Many classes are conducted outside the classroom. We try to give students materials and activities that are different from those in their own countries. 

At the end of the course you will receive you Certificate of Competence.

Our classes are small (maximum of 15 students) to ensure you receive personal attention from our qualified language instructors.

All language course materials are provided and the level of your language fluency is determined by a quick, informal test on the first day of your arrival at camp. This ensures that you are put in the appropriate class from "Beginner" to "Advanced". Class placements are constantly reviewed to make sure every student is in class that complements their ability.