General Info & FAQ

General Info & FAQ

We hope that this list of Frequently Asked Questions may answer any questions that you may have. If there is still anything that you would like to know, please contact us and we will be delighted to give you an answer.


Who should sign up for camp?
We are proud to welcome young Jewish people from all around the world to our camps. As long as you are aged 10-17, want to get involved in a wide range of activities, maybe learn another language and most importantly make friends with other young Jewish people from around the world, JCamps is certainly for you.

How long have you been running JCamps Spain?
Our Camp Directors, Brian and Patricia Geminder have been running Jewish summer camps for 27 years and established JCamps Spain in 2003 when it was originally called Camp Espana .

What is the language spoken at camp?
The main language at camp is English. We also celebrate the multi-lingual nature of our camps and have a diverse team of monitors from around the world, so our campers always have someone to translate for them if necessary.

Where is the camp located?
JCamps Spain is located in a beautiful 3 star resort near Alicante just 200 metres from the wide, white sandy beaches of the Costa Blanca, blue sea and Mediterranean surrounding.

How about security?
We take security very seriously so all our staff have walkie talkies so that they are in constant communication. We also have 24 hour reception so we can monitor all in and out movement. Three night security guards are also employed. Campers are not allowed out on their own and all excursions are accompanied by our monitors and only privately hired transport is used .

*Escorted Travel from Paris-Tel Aviv-Rome & London
We offer an escorted service from:
Paris Orly airport to Alicante.
Israel Tel Aviv airport to Alicante
Rome airport to Alicante
LHR airport to Alicante

Unaccompanied Minor
The major airlines offer this service. Airline staff will take care of your child from departure airport until the child is handed over to our monitor in Alicante or Valencia airport

Transfer to the Campus
All students can be collected from Alicante and brought to our campus.

Do you get to see the local area?
Certainly! We run excursions to Valencia, Murcia, Alicante, Cartegna as well as trips to La Zegna, the magnificient open-air shopping mall.

How much does the camp cost?
For prices in your currency (Euro - US Dollar - Sterling) please complete our "Brochure Request" form at the top of the page.

Travel to our campus
Airfare to Spain is not included in our price.

How do I sign up?
Just fill in our booking form and we will contact you to finalise your booking.

General Info & FAQ


Is the camp divided by age?
Yes, although we do look to integrate our campers with one another as much as possible. We do offer some alternative activities for the different age groups such as our CIT/Youth Leadership Programme
for campers aged 15 or older.

What does a typical camp day look like?
You can find out more about the camp programme by looking at our Activities page. Here you will find the timetable for a typical week at JCamps.

Who are the monitors?
JCamps staff members come from around the world and speak at least two languages a piece; They are highly motivated and experienced monitors acquainted with different cultures and creating a dynamic discourse. To ensure that our high standards are always maintained, we provide training for all our staff to ensure the safety and best pastoral care of our campers whilst they are enjoying their time with us.However, the main language on the camp is English. But above all, they are professional, caring, compassionate and active.

General Info & FAQ

General Accommodation

May I ask to be with my friend in the same room?
Yes and their name(s)should be entered on the appropriate place on our Booking Form

For those students who come on their own?
Many campers come on their own and we take a lot of time and care in arranging the rooms so that room mates will be of a similar age and will share a common language.

General Info & FAQ

Food and Drink

Is the food at camp Kosher?
Our resident Chef from Paris oversees our kosher kitchen and personally prepares and provides all our meals which consist of a varied and healthy cuisine. The kashrut products are sanctioned by the Paris and London Batai Din.

What meals are supplied?
Nutritious and healthy meals consisting of meat, fish, vegetable, salads and fruit are provided daily along with plenty of choice for vegetarians.

What are the options for campers with food allergies?
If your child has a food allergy this should be specified when completing our Booking Form and our Chef will provided the necessary diet

Security, Health and Safety

What security does the camp have in place?
The safety of our campers is our #1 priority. Night security guards patrol the campus and all our monitors are supplied with walkie talkies for constant communication. We also have 24 receptionists in the hotel

What are the medical arrangements?
We have First Aid monitors and have 24 hour access to a local doctor and a first class hospital in case of emergencies All campers' medical condition should be highlighted on our Booking Form and adequate amounts of medication brought to camp.

What are the communication arrangements at camp?
Campers are allowed to bring cell phones and tablets but JCamps will not be responsible for their loss or damage. WiFi is also available at specific times on a daily basis. Overseas students should ensure their phones are "unlocked" so that they can purchase a local sim card. Our 24 hour receptionists is also able to take calls

How can we contact our child in an emergency?
A phone number will be provided to the families of all participants at camp so that our Camp Directors can be contacted in the case of an emergency.

On Friday night we have a simple Kabbalah Shabbat service and on Shabbat morning for those who wish we have a optional service. Other campers will participate in discussion groups. Following Kiddush and lunch we have a full programme of Shabbat friendly activities